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IoT for Everyone’s Idea

Ideeza is an end-to-end platform for the design, development and manufacturing of smart, connected products. Machine learning, design libraries and partner manufacturers enables makers to ideate and build IoT prototypes or finished products at a fraction of the time & cost normally required.


Ideeza’s intuitive user experience and machine learning algorithms seamlessly translate ideas into functional 3D models, circuit boards and code

Maker Community

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Manufacturer Network

Our partners worldwide lend their IoT-ready facilities to the Ideeza community at competitive prices

We believe in Makers so much, we built our own

Digital? We got that one almost right. Innovation’s next frontier is physical, and the Internet of Things is the bridge that will get us there.

Millions of makers worldwide are bursting with ideas on how to build that bridge, but those ideas too often never see the light of day. That’s because building a simple connected prototype can take months, thousands of dollars and familiarity with an ever-changing tech stack.

IoT is hard. But it doesn’t have to be

What if we removed the heavy lifting from these hurdles and brought them all under one roof? What if we could make an “aggregate maker” with scale, knowledge and resources rivalling the largest companies?

We did this by:

•   Making design & development automated and self-correcting with machine learning
•   Sourcing best practices from the community
•   Promising manufacturers a steady stream of industry-standard designs to build in their unused capacity

The result is Ideeza, a smarter maker, powered by the knowledge and drive of thousands of makers’ ideas, successes, mistakes.